C.A. → N.V. Transplant.
Pyrography Artist & Addict.
Burning Through Life One Project At A Time…


I started doing pyrography for fun when I was just a teenager; making random projects for friends and family. It’s a passion that never really died out, and the more projects I do the more people who have told me they would like one, like to buy one, send one to a friend or relative, or even just make someone smile during a hard time. So, I started working on more and more pieces, and now here I am.

The owl above marks the start of all of this again in my life. While I made a lot as a teenager, I stopped making the art after a transition in life that took me elsewhere for a while. The owl represents a lot to me, not only a new beginning, but a capture of the past, a reminder.

Originally born and raised in the East Bay Area of California, I’m now residing in a rural area of Nevada and have a whole new array of inspirations for projects and motivation for life in general. (Kind of a ” If I can do this, I can do anything” mentality).

So, welcome to my randomness, my creativity, my chaos, my heart through my art, my hobby & passion. I hope you enjoy.

Please use CONTACT form for any questions, interests in art, or requests for pieces/prices.